5 activities to keep a child occupied at home

After two years of being locked down most of the time, with restrictions in place and working from home, many parents feel overwhelmed. As many of them are still reluctant to expose their children to parks or different outside activities, the demand for indoor activities has never been higher. The little ones are packed with energy and parents need a handful of resources to spend it.

Here is a list of ideas for when your little one is stuck at home with nothing to do:

  1. Dance party

When you feel like nothing gets your toddler ready for a nap, how about a dance party? Turn on the music, preferably with your child’s favorite songs on, and…dance! It might require a spur of stamina on your side, but the little one will almost always have the necessary energy for this.

Children love to be included in their parent’s activities, so having a little dance party where everyone is included is going to bring happiness to all of your faces.

To guarantee a fun time, your children need an adequate outfit. Dress your little ones in cotton kids’ clothes, so that they will not perspire and be vulnerable to catching a cold.

  1. Read a book together

For a more relaxing option, either pick a new book together with your child or one that is dear to him. Set intentional times throughout the week for reading and instill a good habit. Besides, reading before bedtime increases the quality of sleep.

  1. Draw or paint

Another good exercise for the mind that will keep your kid busy is painting. This activity can be adapted to your environment and resources, therefore children can paint on different objects and surfaces.

Some fun ideas are painting with their hands or by using objects found in nature, such as feathers, fruits, or little stones. For fewer complications, you can always go for the traditional paper. And if you find that your little one has an artistic inclination, you can make his paintings permanent by using a canvas.

  1. Fun Bubble Bath

If you still have a very energetic toddler running around the house by the time you have finished work and chores, try giving him a fun bubble bath. Add some toys, a safe shower gel for children, and supervise the little one as he plays. If you are feeling in a fun mood, you can even play with him. Imaginative games are useful for children’s brains and very entertaining. This activity should bring happiness to his day and get him ready for a good night’s sleep.

It is recommended that you dress the child in some appropriate clothes, as a fun bubble bath might take longer than the usual one.

  1. Build a blanket tent

When the outdoors are unreachable, you can create different fun scenarios inside of your home and make your kid a part of them. This way, you can “go camping” right inside your house. Build a tent with a blanket and play with your child inside of it.

The little ones usually love to create this kind of scenario, and it will diminish the need of going outdoors immediately. You can even dress your little one in some kids’ clothes that are perfect for camping, and imagine together you are in nature, feeling the rain and wind on your faces and playing in puddles.

There are many other great ideas to keep your little kid busy indoors, but these are among everyone’s favorites and help create amazing memories.

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