5 Christmas Activities at Home for Children and Family

For the first time in a while, parents and children (even grandparents) live under the same roof round-the-clock. This situation gives us the chance to build a stronger connection with our family members.

Even if it’s not as we imagined at the beginning of this year, winter holidays are here! However, in the context of social distancing, we can look at the bright side: we have the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones and enjoy the little things that matter.

Also, it’s important for the mindset of your little ones, even more than before, to feel the joy and spirit of Christmas. It’s not easy for children to stop interacting so much with their friends, to miss going to school or kindergarten or stop participating in various activities outside the home.

Here are some ideas of family activities that will make your little one happy during the holidays.

1.Make greeting cards and send them to your loved ones

One way for your child to feel more connected with friends and family is to make personalized greeting cards together. Then send them to your loved ones. You can download templates from the internet, print a photo with the family or you can use colored paper and pencils.

The result will certainly have a lot of charm and sentimental value. In addition, the little one’s imagination will be put to the test.

2. Organize a family photo shoot

Did anyone say cute kids clothes? Fluffy sweaters with Christmas trees and snowflakes? This is the perfect occasion to dress the whole family in matching clothes, in tune with the winter holidays spirit.

Choose the theme of the photo shoot, bring the props, the hot chocolate mugs and smile! Over the years, you’ll look at these photos, and you’ll remember the beautiful moments spent together, at home.

3. Invent a new tradition

If you don’t know what to do during the holidays, consider starting a new family Christmas tradition. Whether it’s cooking together or a movie marathon, for sure you’ll find a tradition that your little one will look forward to every year.

4. Board games tournament

Choose your favorite games with your child and schedule a board games tournament with the whole family. Don’t forget to choose the prize for the winner!

This will be a good opportunity to train children’s minds and remind them about the spirit of fair play.

5. Donate Toys

Christmas is about kindness, empathy, altruism. Your little one can play the role of Santa’s helper to bring joy to other children. Choose some toys and kids clothes to give away, pack them nicely and donate them to the nearest place where you can do this.

Even if we are going through a difficult period, Christmas gives us a moment of respite to remember the beautiful things and the lessons we learned this year. We can “recharge our batteries” and start the new year with joy, energy and optimism!

Happy Holidays!

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