5 ideas of safe activities with children while social distancing

For the last 7 months, while most schools and kindergartens closed their doors and social distancing became a new skill that we have to master, parents have taken over their children’s education and harmonious development. 

The pandemic had a negative impact both on children and on adults. Many parents who relied on schools, kindergartens, nannies, or clubs, had to find a way of managing an energetic child, on top of their jobs and daily chores.

Here are some ideas of activities that are educational and, at the same time, do not expose your child to the virus.

1.Teach him/her a new sport

The options are endless: bicycle, skateboard, roller skates. Pick one that you both love and teach your kid the basics.  As he/she will learn to use them, your kid will spend long minutes (or even hours, we hope) to improve his/her techniques.

Do not forget to use the helmet and light kids clothes that will not hamper his/her movements.

2. Assign him/her chores

You can be as creative as you want. You can assign him/her one of your chores (pairing socks after wash can be extremely fun). Among our suggestions: plant watering, pet feeding, cat brushing (if the cat will agree to it)

3. Make slime

When it comes to creating something with your kid, slime is a very exciting option. It’s easy, it has few ingredients that are easy to find and cheap. The internet has a wide range of recipes to create your own slime. Making it requires your supervision. After it’s done, your child will play for hours with the outcome, while you work or deal with your chores.

4. Set the scene for a treasure hunt

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can create a treasure hunt for your child. To create it, you only need a few props and a lot of imagination. 

5. Toy washing

This activity is suitable for all ages. You will need a dishpan, the sink or the bathtub, some toys, and a sponge. Older kids can get extra accessories such as bath foam, food coloring, or glitter. Expect at least one hour of peace but also quite a bit of cleaning after the fun is over. On the plus side, you can work on your laptop while supervising your child.

No matter how difficult and frustrating these times are, it is important to find resources to maintain our optimism. Taking part in your kids’ play can be a real stress reducer.

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