5 steps guide on how to shop online for children’s clothes

Shopping is, for most of us, a relaxing activity. We must admit that going through the stores with small children and convincing them to try on clothes is quite a challenge. Kids get bored quickly, are attracted to other areas of the store, or do not want to try on anything.

Many parents are nervous about buying online children’s clothes. Sizes vary quite a lot, the return policies or the product description might not be very clear. All this makes things a little more complicated for those who are trying to buy online for the first time.

Buying kids clothes online saves you a lot of time, though.  You’ll also be able to compare more products or prices than you would be able to in a day (or even a week) of offline shopping.

In the recent years, to save time, I bought online all the clothes for my little ones. I learned how to navigate the sea of ​​offers and how to lower the chances of returning products (I hate to do this even when the return is free).

Here are the steps to follow for a stress-free shopping:

1. I take measurements to determine the right size

I can’t always rely on the size displayed in the shop because some clothes have a larger cut, others are true to size. The age recommendation is not an ideal solution either because, especially when they are small, children can vary quite a bit in height.

To choose the right size I always look for the size guide of the brand. For example, to choose the right size for your iELM jumpsuit, you need to measure your little one from chin to ankles, then compare it to the length of the jumpsuit.

2. I try to see how the clothes fit on other children

I look at the official photos but I try to find other pictures as well. I  find lots of nice pictures on the brand’s Social Media accounts, user pictures that use hashtags, or tag the brand. Another good source of photos is Facebook parent groups. It’s amazing how many different angles of the same product you can see this way. This way, you can see how the fabric behaves and how the clothes fit different children. This way, you can determine how the clothes will look like on your kid.

You can find more pictures of iELM jumpsuits on our official Facebook or Instagram accounts. You can search for more, using the hashtags #ielm or #ielmdesign.

3. I check all product details available (fabric, care, etc)

Where possible, I prefer natural fabrics with organic certifications. They allow the skin to breathe better and are not treated with harmful chemicals.

When I look for waterproof clothes I know that natural materials are not an option. Even in this case, I am looking for light, technical fabrics that allow the child to move freely.

Kids get dirty pretty quickly, especially in the cold season. This is why I prefer clothes that can be machine washed.

4. I look for reviews, either online or on parents’ Facebook groups

If I still haven’t decided on the clothes or the brand is unknown to me, I’ll be looking for opinions from other parents. I find my answers on the Facebook groups I belong to or in blog articles.

5. I check the return policy

Although I hate to return products, sometimes it’s necessary to do so. Before ordering from a new store, I look at their return policy. I make sure not to break the label or wash the product before checking for faults. Then, I check the fit and decide if I want to keep it.

For me, the above steps worked every time. For the last 5 years, I didn’t have to return a single sock I bought for the little one.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about the clothes and shoes I bought for myself.

What are your secrets when buying children’s clothes online?

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