A beautiful and healthy posture – yoga for children

Probably Yoga was talked about for the first time 5000 years ago, defined as a combination of exercise and meditation. Outside India, the birthplace of the traditional schools of Hinduism, yoga is linked primarily with the practice of the positions (asanas) included in Hatha Yoga.

In recent years, the art of yoga has proven its benefits in children’s world as well. Increasingly more parents noticed how well their children feel following activities based on yoga teachings. In some countries, yoga for children was even included in the curriculum.

The outfit for a yoga class should be loose. The children should be dressed in clothes that feel comfortable and in which they can perform certain essential movements: the cotton coveralls are a good idea as they offer enough space to the child’s flexibility. Yoga toolbox includes just a basic element: the yoga mat, which should have good adhesion and a soft surface, not a stiff one.

A yoga class vary from 45 minutes to 2-3 and even more hours, depending on the yogi level or preference. Yoga for Children will always be practiced in the presence of an instructor who can correct the poses or can provide support, advice, help in balancing.

Yoga greatly improves the child posture. The spine learns more easily the upright pose that is normal to be in. By the current practice, deformation of the spine may be prevented. The physical fitness is also much improved, as yoga poses focus on body strength. Studies have shown that yoga for children contributes to their emotional balance and good academic performance. Yoga may also be a solution in more complicated cases, such as for children with anxiety, autism, disorders of all kinds, schizophrenia. For the little ones with ADHD, yoga may also be the way to near-normal behaviour.

By encouraging their children to practice yoga, parents support their sons and daughters to develop their ability to concentrate, to have self-confidence, refine their body coordination and strengthen their mind-body connection, all extremely useful for children’s future. The choice of equipment for yoga class can be an activity done together with the children: which of the clothing items for children is the preferred and appropriate one for the yoga class today?

Have I convinced you? Are you ready for your junior to attend their first class of yoga?

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