Afternoons in fine autumn tunes

We know that among our dear readers we also have mothers looking for new activities ideas to carry out along with their munchkins. Here’s what a warm autumn afternoon had in store for us today.

We dressed well, in the most comfortable play clothes by iELM and went out to the park, armed with all our favourite colours, brushes and other tools useful for painting outdoors.First, we chose a key place on the grass among the dried leaves, a perfect lighted place to help us colour as beautiful as possible. We settled our camp in a clearing under high oak trunks. Then, we set out to find proper leaves for our painting session, leaves blown by the wind right on our path. The diaphanous dry leaves, jagged or round- edged were painted in autumn colours: copper, yellow ochre, dark burgundy, chocolate brown, dull beige. We walked about, made a quick selection of the most diverse kinds and we returned to the clearing.

Today we painted on the leaves in the park all that crossed our minds. We have transmitted every thought to the brush and then towards the leaf. This kind of activity greatly develops children’s creativity and the potential to learn things without difficulty: about nature and plants, general concepts, basic ideas, basic concepts of painting and colour, concentration and attention in following form/shape, and the list goes on. As for us, the parents, it relaxes us and gives us the pleasure to do a small work of art in tandem with our children. Thereafter we may celebrate the success by framing the final manually painted leaves collage or we may conceive this unique gift to give it to our best friends.

The natural nerves of the leaves will lead us to special miniature paintings, and our juniors will learn to follow the contours, to fit within the space for painting, to combine colours, to express through painting their overflowing imagination and their own interpretation.

I had a few quiet hours, spent in the autumn landscape of the park nearest our home, and we have memories that we have created together. We are satisfied and happy! How do you find our activity? We invite you to replicate it and send us pictures of the beautiful results!

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