Autumn teas and their beneficial effect discovered by iELM

Although beautiful autumn begins with the warm sunny days of September, as the days go by, they become increasingly colder, chilling us. If you do not dress the kids properly with outdoor clothing for children for all their fun activities, they might catch a cold or start coughing , be sick and not have a very cheerful mood.

Autumn’s little “traps” for health can be also prevented with the help of an ancient remedy: hot tea. This magic potion is very healthy for the body, helping to strengthen immunity. Tea moisturizes, helps to remedy digestive problems, relaxes and stimulates the function of internal organs, helping them to function properly.

How do we deal with the climate changes brought about by autumn? Along with my colleagues from iELM, we put together a list of recommended teas in autumn to keep the immune system strong, both for our children and for us, the adults.

Autumn tea, health, healthy living

The Echinacea tea ( the root and the flower of the plant) greatly enhances immunity. If we drink a few cups a day of this tea, we shall be able to guard against respiratory viruses, influenza and infections because Echinacea (twinned with chamomile, arnica, and marigold) creates a barrier against the multiplication of viruses and bacteria, and it also helps the production of white blood cells, essential in defending the body.

Two other miraculous teas: rosehip tea and sea buckthorn tea. They are a rich source of double-effect  vitamin C: antioxidant properties and immunization of the organism. Both are highly vitaminized and mineralized helping the body fight inflammation and regenerate. 2 or 3 cups each day will make the teas exercise their magic. Note, however, that pediatricians recommend rosehip tea for children over three years old and not to babies. Did you know Rosehip contain 50 times more vitamin C compared to citrus?

The lavender tea brings its flavoured contribution in improving respiratory, as well as digestive conditions. It maintains the respiratory system healthy and relaxes the body for a restful sleep. Lavender tea will provide an oasis of calm and wellbeing.

Further in the range of invitingly strong flavours, the mint tea provides a general relaxation and rejuvenation for the body.

For the little ones we can sweeten the teas either with natural honey, agave syrup, stevia or Manuka honey.

We pay attention to both seasonal teas, as we are provided with a wonderful selection that will strengthen our immune system, and to traditional teas, which are extremely beneficial for energizing and detoxifying: green tea, black tea and white tea. And children do not forget to drink water, either! We want our dearest be adequately hydrated during each season!

Autumn teas
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