Fairy tales and faeries in childhood

Today we were thinking of childhood. So simple. In actual fact we think it every day. It is our job!

At iELM we return recurrently to the early years seeking the candor, the imagination and the joy we used to live constantly and we try to see/understand what generated all those wonderful feelings, what brought us cheerfulness and playfulness? “We are sinking in our second childhood” literally, we have so much to learn from them!
Kids’ world is exceptional, a special place where wondrous things are happening on many, many levels of imagination. Nothing is ever boring in this exceptional world because the landscape is constantly changing, the characters appear or disappear, gain new powers or change their appearance, metamorphosing into magical beings born out of dreams. The little ones will find in this enchanting land trailblazing heroes and trustworthy friends, challenges and victories, unique experiences and endless games.Kids’ world abounds in unique colours and textures. According to studies, the infants gradually begin to distinguish colours well at about the age of 5 months. The colourful show is one of the points of maximum attraction for small children and infants in the midst of evolution on the path of discoveries – in the children’s micro-cosmos colours combine in unexpected ways, creating in turn small fairy tale worlds, defining and shaping objects; children can express themselves with the help of colours, learn to make associations, become creative. Have you noticed how we remain true to certain colours our whole life? May it be a reminiscence of childhood?In the kids’ world live many fairy tales animals, unique in colour and form. These fantastic creatures take part in the adventures concocted on the fairy tale lands or on earth, in the ocean, or on another planet; they can be winged, they can be half human – half-creature, they can talk, they can cross time and space, they are unparalleled. When choosing fabrics for the small iELM clothes, the perspective we are thinking from is that of children: which fabrics would awaken in them the joy of living in the world of children? Maybe a pattern to permanently remind them of this fairy tale environment, maybe a pattern with fantastic animals or maybe a special texture on which lay multiple unusual colours?

As we go back to the world of children, we realize the huge potential of this colourful and fantastic enchanted imaginary plane, whereby we become who we shall be in the future since the earliest ages.

We wish to encourage and support these little day-dreaming explorers as much as we can in their great journey called life. So, let’s navigate to the world of children!

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