Cook with your child. Dress him with proper kids clothes and enjoy Montessori activities

When you enter a Montessori kindergarten or school, your have probably already noticed that many of the teaching materials are like the miniature of our cooking utensils. This type of education puts an emphasis on acquiring the practical skills from an early age. The purpose is that the child learns to coordinate his moves and become independent.

“Never help a child with a task that he feels he is up to entirely”, is Mara Montesorri’s advice, the basis of this education system.

Do not worry that your child will get dirty! You can choose kids clothes designed to bear the imprint of the funny things the kids made. A quality detergent and a washing machine will solve the possible incidents in the kitchen in a bit. Choose organic cotton clothes for these activities because they are resistant to multiple washes and are a lot softer than the ones made in the mass agriculture.

Here are some ideas of Montessori activities that develop the independence, the cognitive and  sensory capacities of your child.

Montessori activities for babies under 1 year

At this age, the child is attracted to the sensory side of the world, so, all that is connected to sound, colour, movement. Let him/her see, smell or taste the ingredients you use to make the meal. A tall chair or a learning tower will help him observe closely everything you do.

Explian to him all the steps of the recipe and let him give you a hand with small chores such as washing vegetables or leaves. Don’t forget to dress him in easy to wash kids clothes.

Montessori activities for 1-2 years old children

Your child coordinates his moves a lot better. You can ask him to help you peel the fruits (bananas are a wonderful idea), chop the vegetables (use a special knife for children) or work the dough.

This is a good idea to show him how to set the table and ask him to take over this task. You will see that he will feel important and useful!

When you are with your child in the kitchen and he looks interested in washing the dishes, slowly show him how to clean a pot, then let him to wash a plate, a mug or something else. Well, you are having a beginner in front of you, so dress him with water repellent kids clothes in order to avoid getting wet.

Montessori activities for 2-3 years old children

Beginning with his 2nd year of life, the little cook may be a very reliable help in the kitchen. You can assign your toddler the preparation of the cooking ingredients such as:

  • peel the garlic or onion;
  • cut the salad leaves and mix them with the dressing;
  • grate the cheese;
  • squeeze the citrus.

Dress him with comfortable kids clothes so he can feel free. You can find some funny options made of soft organic cotton.

After the age of 3, you can start cooking easy recipes together: biscuits, tarts, ice cream etc. Who knows, maybe you are a contribution to the cooking education of the future Jamie Oliver!


Main Foto: 30somethingmamma

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