Family ties

We come into this world all alone, but we are surrounded by people who give us unconditional love from the very first suave musical tunes of life. We feel this immense love because, through it, we grow, we nurture spiritually, our emotions intensify, our mind expands, and we become unique beings through love.

Often when we come into the world, our family already has a brother or a sister. What could be more wonderful? We will learn with more ease to walk, to talk, to play because we will always have by our side souls we intuitively feel a part of us. Family ties are very strong and the spiritual connections between the members of a family are perceived, felt and simply assumed as such, without prior exercise.

Our mission at iELM is fulfilled when family ties follow their natural course. The youngest of the family will follow the example of older siblings and will accompany them in their daily discoveries, in the most beautiful adventures of childhood. The smiles will increase, and also the gladness and joy to be with a brother or sister who can light the “way”. IELM little clothes are designed to serve all these activities and allow younger and older children to strengthen the connection between them without feeling uncomfortable. Our story began exactly like that, because when we talk iELM, we talk about a couple of extremely creative parents and four children, brothers and sisters with common features, common connections, common interests, who put the world on track with a smile on their lips.

The most beautiful games happen alongside our brothers and sisters, who understand us, guides us and forgive us when we maybe make mistakes. Although scientifically there is the idea that children who are an only child become more confident in their forces in the future compared to the little ones who have brothers or sisters, we believe that there is harmony in the family, and the ties inherent to any family are hard to break.

The journey of each child through life is unique, but, sometimes, family ties will remain as a balance point, a “home” where we can return with confidence to share joy or sorrow with all those who have always supported us with love: our parents, brothers and sisters.

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