Good morning, ma’am chia pudding!

Dawn is waking us up slowly and gradually, mildly bringing us back fom the land of reverie to a very real and beautiful morning. With heavy eyelids and still dreaming, we are moving slowly towards the kitchen. Coffee lovers can feel already the inviting aroma of freshly ground coffee, tea lovers enjoy every moment of expectation of a waking black tea infusion combined with a little coconut milk.

Breakfast is of particular importance for a human and the human body, as it sets us up the way of thinking for a new day and prepares us physically, energetically, and spiritually to embrace as productively and positively as possible the peaceful 24 hours that lay before us. When it comes to new mothers, breakfast is absolutely necessary to fulfill their new role as “super heroines” – every morning without exception, whether their sleep the night before was generous or not. The new energy boost provided by a balanced meal and a tasty breakfast provide mothers the path to as many wonderful and varied activities with or for the baby.

And because sometimes we need even more inspiration, we are thinking now to share with you one of the recipes that won us, the ones from iELM, by its simplicity.

Even before going to sleep, place in a bowl 150-200 grams of chia seed; add further 150-200 grams of either water or milk of any kind, or yoghurt, according to your taste. By morning, the chia seeds will have absorbed the surrounding liquid, transforming into a compact pudding.Add gradually 75 grams of cherry, 75 grams of diced pineapple, 50 grams of cashew, 50 grams of roasted nuts and a bit of cinnamon. Start decorating the pudding. Sprinkle in concentric circles first the cherries including their juice, then the pineapple. The center of the pudding will belong to the cashew nuts, which we serve raw, unsalted or slightly browned in advance, in the oven. Here and there, sprinkle also the nuts, roasted as well, but unsalted.Cinnamon gives a special taste to the chia pudding with fruit and nuts, which shall be dusted here and there in very small amounts. We are ready to taste it!

Why do we like this recipe? It’s simple: in a small bowl we bring together many ingredients with super properties beneficial to our body; keeping the base – the chia pudding – we can use any fruit and any other variety of seeds to prepare this recipe, depending on taste and preferences; the strength to be mentioned: preparing breakfast takes about 3 minutes.

A good and healthy beginning is half the battle!

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