Woven with passion

Whether we like it or not, humanity is currently living very peculiar times – times of fast change, of massive transformation, inside volatile environments, with high complexity and ambiguity (also commonly known and referred to as VUCA).

We have learnt to adapt, to become more and more flexible in following this rapid flow of life. And, of course, we have developed different types of valuable “helpers” to support us in our way, and we continuously bring minor or major improvements which provide even more light to clear up our path.

Humankind is facing such an immense progress, whose accelerated pace is almost overwhelming, in all directions – science, technology, health, psychology, childcare, architecture, social matters, to name a few. How was this even possible, to begin with? It’s simple: the secret relies in passionate people, totally dedicated to what they love and believe in.

They say, “practice makes perfection”, and this concept could not be truer. As we practice what we love to do, we get better at it, we develop new abilities, we acquire new skills, and, as we see beautiful results, our passion grows and creates even more precious insights.

What inspired people to create useful machines? People’s talent and expertise. And even nowadays, intelligent software and very precise equipment, programmed to flawlessly deal with complex tasks, would simply deliver perfect results. The completion though – the overall strategy, the schematic design, the vision, the sharp ideas, the vivid devotion, the revolution, the talent, the dreams, the strong instinctual decisions, still belong to us, people.When first opening the doors of iELM, we decided to look precisely for those people with talent and expertise, who project passion in everything they do – and we found them, in a small city near Bucharest, of charming Romania. Undoubtedly, very tech equipment of latest generations was also on our list. Once we provided our teams with highly technologized instruments, we practically unleashed their creativity and dedication to hard yet very rewarding work. At iELM, we strongly believe in talented hands who weave wonderful clothes, and in keen, passionate minds who generate incredible ideas. Lucky us, inside our little stylish factory, we have plenty of both! Imagine each finite product, being taken care of from beginning to finishing strokes, by trained, consecrated people aiming to bring a pleased smile on each satisfied customer’s face.

To us, evolution is the real deal; and evolution is led by people willing and happy to make their time, passion and devotion available to and worthy for all humankind.

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