How to choose the right kids’ rainwear?

When you plan to renew your kid’s rainwear you may feel overwhelmed by the many available options. No need to panic. Your decision will be easier if you start thinking about how you will use the clothes.

Here are some of the criteria that will help you buy the perfect clothes for your kid:

How much time you will spend outdoors?

If you are just going for a walk in the park, you most probably don’t need to buy technical rainwear. But if you love hikes in the mountain, camp frequently or spend a lot of time walking in the woods, then you should choose practical clothes to cover the entire rainy season, from spring to autumn.

Your child’s age

Toddlers are attracted to vivid color prints. What is important to them is that the clothing feels comfortable when moving and keeps them dry when they go down that damp slide or when they jump in the puddles. If the level of activity is low, your kid will not perspire that much and in this case, the level of breathability of the fabric is less important. In exchange, the rainwear should also provide for a minimum of thermal insulation.

The rainwear style is also important. You can opt for a jacket or rain pants but for a younger kid, it will be easier to dress him/her with the waterproof kids’ jumpsuit.

How often your kid will use the rainwear?

If your little one goes to a kindergarten outdoors, well he/she can use the rainwear on a muddy day. For kindergarten kids is also important to be able to dress by themselves. A rain jumpsuit for kids is far easier to dress than a two-piece suit.

If you live in a rainy area, these clothes may be worn extremely frequently, even during summer.

The activities your kid will have

You should opt for a resistant fabric if your kid will intensely use the rainwear. Playing in the mud, wallowing in the wet grass or leaves, crawling, all this are a test for the fabric.

Why should you choose kids rain softshell jumpsuits?

Softshell is a light and flexible fabric and easy to store. The clothes made of this fabric are perfect when it comes to folding and storage in a backpack during hiking. It protects your little one from water and wind, is wear-resisting, and is extremely easy to clean. This way your kid can play carelessly or even learn how to crawl around, and you will not have to worry that he/she may get wet or dirty. It is sufficient to wipe off the fabric with a damp cloth or a tissue and the coat will look like new.

Not only that the fabric is highly waterproof (10,000 water column), the iELM kids waterproof jumpsuits are padded with a thin layer of fleece that provides a strong thermal insulation. Choosing padded rainwear may seem strange but it happens that your little one can spend a lot of time on the damp soil during summer. That is why the clothing should offer a minimum thermal comfort as well.

Besides, even if your kid makes more physical effort, he/she will not perspire. The softshell used for the iELM jumpsuits provides good ventilation.

No matter what is the rainwear that you will choose, also take into consideration how your kid will wear them and his/her comfort. Rain can be a lot of fun if you are dressed appropriately.



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