iELM reccomends: the colour of 2018

2018 is preparing to soon complete its wonderful journey, leaving room for the younger 2019. Not until this sunset of 2018, Pantone Institute announced with pride and enthusiasm the colour of 2018, a colour widespread in various fields and industries, a colour which defined and shaped large areas of mankind since ancient times until the present moment.

Every year, the colour experts at Pantone Institute investigate and examine areas such as textile industry, travel, sports, technology, fashion, food, art, entertainment, design and not only to determine the most widespread and appreciated colour of the year.

2018 is the year of Ultraviolet Colour (Pantone code 18-3838). This divine shade of darker deep purple urges thought to spirituality, creative power, greatness of galaxies and the Universe itself.

Humanity is going through a period of maximum focus on imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness, and Ultraviolet is the way to inspiration, creation, awareness for our creative potential.

The Ultraviolet rarity in nature, in ancient times led to connecting this colour with nobility and royalty, with the privileged ones, profound intelligentsia, and supernatural power.

The purple colour palette is quite complex, but the Ultraviolet fully adds mysterious and contemplative shades. Environed by this colour, the human mind flies towards the cosmos and its unknowns, towards the unlimited night space where the stars, the sky, the planets symbolize the infinite possibilities, great aspirations to mysterious worlds removed from our own, accessible through dreaming.

Ultraviolet opens the doors to deep meditation, it supports raising awareness of self, of life and the potential until maximization; it is a colour bearing a high degree of spirituality, centred upon the introspection birthing ideas, ideals.

At iELM we have also applied ultraviolet on a few iconic pieces of clothing, precisely in order to stimulate the imagination of the children wearing them, to cause them to subconsciously dream and aspire to a world of infinite creation, forged by their own powers. We are deeply inspired by this colour.

Children are our chance towards evolution; the stimulus of their inventiveness and the awareness of the infinite possibilities offered by the Universe are an ongoing challenge as far as they are concerned.

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