iELM recommendation for family holidays: Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria

Always looking for oasis of inspiration and interesting ways to spend quality time with family, iELM is exploring Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, UNESCO World Heritage Centre; the fabulous complex includes an extensive park, the Schönbrunn Palace and the oldest zoo in the world.

Since iELM is present online also in the UK, we are at about 2 hours and a half flight from the much-cherished capital – Vienna. We pack quickly some clothes for children, we check to have the access tickets purchased online and we’re on our way!

Children at the zoo, panda bears, Austria

Schönbrunn spans approximately 17 hectares and houses over 700 species of exotic animals, even some of the endangered species. 1752 is the year this zoo was established, originally an eccentric “menagerie” of a European emperor.

A visit to this vast and wonderful estate is recommended anytime throughout the year. In the grounds of the estate there are also buildings with special themes such as Terrariums Aquarium, Rainforest. The children will be fascinated by the worlds evoked by these buildings and all the news that will surprise them. Do not worry about eating: you have available the former imperial lounge where breakfast was served, nowadays a restaurant and cafe; another Austrian Restaurant shyly expects guests. Anytime from 09:00 a.m. you are invited to explore the wonders of of Schönbrunn gardens. Yellow and green trains are available to connect the main points of the estate.

Schönbrunn, Zoo, Children, Childhood

The peculiarity of this zoo is encouraging for the future of humanity and perpetuating animal species. At Schönbrunn, dedicated researchers make sustained efforts to preserve endangered animals. As a result of these efforts and applied science, the first elephant conceived through artificial insemination was born in this zoo.

How much joy on the children’s faces, seeing orangutans, huge pandas, koala bears, rhinos, elephants, seals, giraffes! The emotion experienced with the new information found and the joy of travelling and stepping into an incredible place is what define our day spent at Schönbrunn.

Encourage your children to become friends with the whole environment, especially now that they have suitable clothes for outdoor exploration!

Schönbrunn, Zoo, Childhood
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