iELM recommendation for family holidays: The authentic and relaxing Cyprus

Sitting and dreaming, wondering how it would be to lie on the beach right now, in early November, I had a revelation. In full state of reverie, one of the wonderful ways to turn our vision into reality came forward.

Cyprus, the third most populated island in the Mediterranean, was for many centuries the “bone of contention” between Greece and Turkey and not only. Of undeniable beauty and having a strategic position in the Middle East, Cyprus annually hosts thousands of tourists delighted by the simplicity and authenticity of this magical place.

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Occasionally, we need a break from our recurring activities. We feel the need to go somewhere accompanied by our loved ones and spend some quality time without too much planning  in advance. Cyprus is such a place where spontaneous relaxation comes to the fore and is a finger away from us by every step. For a few days spent on the island, we  are preparing light luggage as the temperatures are still high and the sea very mild. We do not forget to have with us more bodysuits for the little ones who will enjoy the fine sand and will play most of their time on the seashore. We add the habitual sunscreen creams and take the beach by storm!

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We feel just like in a sent from far away postcard. The heat is not excessive and allows us all to be peaceful and relaxed! We laugh, build sandcastles by the seaside, only to give them up later to the shy small waves breaking on shore. If we feel tired, we take cover on the towel and fall asleep rocked by the very pleasant breeze. If we want to have fun, we go offshore and do paddleboarding, play volleyball, try to capture the best photos, explore small marine beings, walk around, and the day passes quickly, rushing on its way to meet the sunset.

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Did you know that the tasty halloumi cheese has veen created here, in Cyprus? You are in a healthy culinary paradise that offers the freshest fruits and vegetables, and also fish and seafood prepared with a lot of good taste. Let us not forget that the people of Cyprus is renowned for their exquisite desserts!

In the evening, allot a few hours to a lengthy walk through the old port of Limassol city, newly expanded and transformed into an elegant navy. Here one may also find the Limassol castle, rebuilt in its present form in 1590 by the Ottoman Empire. Since it becomes chilly, equip your children with long-sleeved shirts and long pants, hoodies or warm overalls. The goal is to have a wonderful Mediterranean experience!

This island will exhibit the works of art of the environment: visually embrace the absolutely surprising sunsets during your stay!

Even if it was just a dream … the positive energy of Cyprus enveloped us fully!

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