iELM recommendation: What books do parents read this autumn to relax?

Time comes  in our occupation as parents when we want a short, a very short break from daily activities to freshen our spirit and recreate our mind. Today we will focus on only one of the several ways we can quiet down our recurrent thoughts of the pleasant routine surrounding us.

We are passionate about reading, we are happy to devour books, information, incredible stories that challenge our imagination and invites us to dream. But the time we can devote to such activity is limited, having many priorities that demand our attention simultaneously, especially when it comes to our children.

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Between stirrups, maybe in the evening with a steaming cup of tea in hand, once the little ones have already gone to sleep, you take a few tens of minutes to recharge your batteries by reading. The silence around, the soft music and the exciting story of the book will ensure you the share of cheerfulness and balance required in all interactions of the next day. Create this wellbeing through books and reading, keeping alive the eternal spirit of knowledge.

We, at iELM, thought about the very interesting books we have looked into, which either kept us breathless, or impressed us with a spectacular end, and we have a list of ten finalists we shall enlist below:

  • ”The Most Beautiful Book in the World”, written by Eric Emanuel Schmitt, describes eight delightful love stories
  • ”Shantaram”, author Gregory David Roberts (2 volumes), an insight into the wonderful world of India
  • ”1Q84”, author Haruki Murakami (3 volumes), where the action takes place in two parallel worlds lit by two Moons
  • ”The Magus”, written by John Fowles, whose mysterious plot takes you to the magical islands of Greece
  • ”The Bastard of Istanbul”, created by Elif Shafak with a lot of humor and the authenticity specific to Turkish culture
  • ”The Shadow of the Wind”, author Carlos Luiz Zafon, a novel sprinkled with intrigue and mystery that once you start you cannot leave your hands off of
  • ”The Egyptian”, Finnish author Mika Waltari, truly a perfect work, a complex painting of ancient Egypt
  • ”The Prophet”, written by Khalil Gibran describing the practical principles of the art of living
  • ”Anna Karenina”, by Lev Tolstoi, imprinted with romance stories of bygone eras in Russian society of the nineteenth century
  • ”The Kitchen God’s Wife”, author Amy Tan, a book evoking ancient Chinese myths and beliefs and bewildering stories, all in a funny style

We hope to have inspired you to read and to have opened your appetite to try one of our suggestions!

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