Little explorers of a big world

The playfulness of your healthy child. The happy eyes of cheerful your child. Your child’s smile. The only things that really matter for any parent. Being a parent is not easy at all, but the reward is so great that any effort seems insignificant.

iELM was born from the great love of parents for their sons and daughters. iELM is by definition an entity dedicated to children, which believes in the unconditional love offered by parents to children, which creates out of love, for love, an emotion measureable only by the moments the little shrimps smile sincerely with all their being.

Children are little explorers of so big a world. Through play they discover who they are, they mould their personality, define themselves, get to know what they like. The territories to explore are large, extended; also the activities they undertake are quite different: those that require their attention and involvement such as colouring, painting, singing; those highly active such as any form of sport for children, interactive games involving dynamism, dancing; those for relaxation including sleeping; those for social interaction and so on.

What is the common denominator of all children broadly smiling with glee?

The comfort of being themselves, free to explore the great world unhindered, without constraint. Each moment’s lightness, simplicity and the feeling of comfort that allows quick familiarisation in any situation.

At iELM we work precisely to see these smiles on the face of children. iELM clothes give the children wearing them free way to entertainment. The bright and attractive colours activate the imagination of the little ones, and the cut of each garment allows them to freely express themselves in any activity.

Children are thirsty for knowledge. Social interaction is one of the important steps towards a balanced integration into society. When you are little, to have friends, playmates, teammates for sports, colleagues in  kindergarten and in school encourages you to persevere, to become confident, to be generous, to celebrate together special moments, to learn together and to discover the whole world together. The most funny games are played with friends!

Once you became a parent, your child’s smile became a major priority. When they feel comfortable being themselves, children develop beautifully and evenly on all three levels: physical, emotional and mental. With the enormous love and constant support of parents in exploring the great world, the child’s way to smile is assured!

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