Lost in daydreaming

Each weekend is looked forward to with anticipation worldwide. Whether we want to rest or conduct fun activities, the weekend days give us the opportunity to disconnect and recreate. The human mind is dynamic, and a little rest to relax it is welcomed.

Our diversity makes us to be inclined towards various fields, some artistic, some technological, and some practical or sportive; we have different passions, we practice different hobbies, we like different things, and from all this amalgam of preferences and individual specificities beauty of a balanced society is born.

iELM is also a varied family, and this is why we learn from one another, grow together; our brainstorming put on the table very diversified ideas, which helps us have a very open and broad perspective on what we do and how we do it.

This post is not a usual one. We want to share with you one of our favourite hobbies. Imagine it’s Friday night, the whole house is immersed in silent and deep sleep, but you have an insatiable appetite to listen to music in the background and watch the world from the window; check leisurely if all preferred stars are in place, if the Moon has entered the night scene, count how many cars are still on the streets, wandering in the vibration of city that never sleeps, look at the lights in the distance, and let yourselves be enveloped by dreaming.

We have prepared a playlist for you. We hope to help you relax each part of your body, mind and warm soul. There is time to think tomorrow, but tonight clear mind and just listen to music.

♥ Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune                                                                    ♥ Klangkarussell – Smoothie

♥ Lana del Rey – Honeymoon                                                                           ♥ Moby – Going wrong (from the album Innocents)

♥ Thomas Newman – Any other name                                                            ♥ Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1

♥ Hooverphonic with Orchestra – Mad about you                                        ♥ Diana Krall – Fly me to the Moon

♥ Alexandre Desplat – River                                                                              ♥ Claude Debussy – Arabesque No. 1

♥ Michelle Gurevich – Waltz #1                                                                        ♥ Goran Bregovic – Lullaby

♥ Khruangbin – White gloves                                                                            ♥ Thievery Corporation – Marching the hate machines

♥ Chilly Gonzales – Rideaux Lunaires                                                             ♥ Cantoma – Gambarra (Lexx Remix)

♥ Lykke Li – Melodies and desires                                                                   ♥ Air – Alone in Kyoto

♥ Bach – Cello Suite No1 in G Major (Prelude)                                             ♥ Moby – Whispering wind

How was it?

How do you relax on Friday night? We invite you to exchange good experiences!

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