Our beloved, Mr. Softshell

In the story of any brand, there are products that enjoy more or less popularity both among customers and among those who create them, those who bring them to life. In iELM’s case, softshell-fabric overalls are No. 1 in our preferences, of all of us: children love them, parents are happy, and we radiate with joy seeing a friendly finished product, colourful and extremely helpful.

And just because a product is so popular, today we want to emphasize the instructions and maintenance for the outdoor apparel for children made of softshell material.

Softshell overall, childrenswear, clothes for children

This material was conceived sometime in 2000 and has emerged in response to the need for an intermediate layer between fleece (soft, fluffy and warm material, but does not protect against the vagaries of weather) and hardshell (provides full protection against the weather elements, but it is rigid). Softshell is perfectly suited for cold weather intense activities that require greater freedom of movement. Imagine that softshell is a fleece to which has been applied a waterrepellent treatment and a wind barrier membrane.

Did you know? … By the “water column” we measure a product’s degree of impermeability; the “maximum vapour permeability” indicator measures the breathability of the product. The higher both figures of indices are, the greater the above characteristics are. For example, having a range between 6000 mm and 10000 mm water column, we can use the said apparel in weather conditions of mild rain and moderate snow. With 20,000 mm water column and over, we can successfully face heavy rain and wet heavy snow. The Softshell type we use at iELM is highly waterproof (10,000 mm water column) and provides both windbreak and very good breathing capacity.

For children’s outdoor clothes we chose a softshell material with a structure similar to a 3-layer laminate material: between the fabric and the lining there is a thin membrane – a coating. The outer surface is smooth and abrasion resistant, and the lining (made of a fleece-type material) is soft and allows the moisture’s removal.

Softshell fabric

The Softshell fabric of iELM overalls offers high comfort because the material is very flexible, with a high stretch ability and a soft grip.

No hazardous chemical is not used to treat the softshell textile used in the manufacture of various iELM products. For us the safety our customers’ children is top priority!

This type of material is 100% micro-polyester. We recommend to be washed at 40 ° C. It is not necessary to apply softener, this being rather counter recommended. The softshell material product shall not be dried in the dryer or the electric drying cabinet. After each use, allow the softshell material product to be aerated and do not allow it to remain wet for several days in a row.

We are eager to hear your questions, your opinions and any other details you want to share with us about children’s clothing made by iELM of the beloved softshell material!

Softshell overall, outdoor clothes for children
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