Scouring frightened on Halloween night

End of October (and early November) is reserved to a special night known and celebrated in many countries worldwide – the scary night of Halloween.

The story of this festival dates back to ancient times, finding its roots in Celtic culture. With the arrival of Irish immigrants in the territory of the United States, the celebration of Halloween has been also adopted with great success and great popularity by the American people.

The name of this celebration shortened over time and became Halloween, but initially it was called “All Hallows Eve” (the equivalent night before All Saints Day).

How do we celebrate during Halloween ?! We dress up and go to”trick or treat”!

Usually, children scour dressed as frightening characters. This tradition comes also from ancient times: evil spirits were frightened and drove off by people wearing costumes and masks embodying also negative spirits. Traditional Halloween costumes take the form of unearthly beings such as monsters, ghosts, witches, demons, skeletons, mummies.

At iELM, we look forward to the arrival of a new calendar holiday; for Halloween, we have also prepared some garments for children, celebrating the famous scary night, but the products are useful and may be worn anytime.

iELM Hat with Pumpkin


iELM Hat with Phantom


The hats specifically designed for Halloween will quickly integrate among the favorite of your children through their cheerful design, funny print coating and the association with the magical elements connected with the tradition of this holiday. iELM designed hats include images of ghosts or witches and demons, evoking the murky and mysterious world of the Halloween night.

iELM Hat with Scary Witch and Devil


Among the activities entailed by this holiday there are: bonfires, Halloween parades, dedicated parties and carnivals, pumpkin carving and the creation of Jack’s lantern (Jack-o’-lantern) by placing a candle inside the pumpkin to chase evil spirits away.

Lighter clothing for children will accompany you to theme parties, where children will come dressed up, will meet all their friends disguised themselves, and then they will want to change into comfortable clothes to continue play and fun. Our suggestion is to choose a convenient jumpsuit, with an attractive pattern and a colour still matching the Halloween theme, which will allow ample movements, natural running, and a lively step of the child.

We look forward to hear from you how you spent the terrifying night of Halloween be it as frightened or frightening!


Happy Halloween!
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