The benefits of swimming for children of all ages

When looking for a new sport for your little one, one of the best options is swimming. This activity brings many benefits that apply to all children, including babies.

Although swimming is a water sport, its effects are felt even in everyday life. Children who know how to swim, either at a basic or more advanced level, are much more confident in their interpersonal relationships and in their own abilities.

In addition to developing the skills needed to survive in the aquatic environment, swimming is an extremely enjoyable activity for the little ones. Water is an environment with endless play possibilities, where children can participate in various activities, from competitive or team games to diving.

Here are some of the benefits of swimming for kids of all ages, so keep that in mind when choosing a sport for your little one.

Swimming for babies

Because babies do not control their movementes and reflexes well, swimming helps them to develop the musculoskeletal system. The little ones learn to move their feet and hands synchronously, which also helps them walk and gives them dexterity.

When children learn to swim from an early age, they feel safe in the water. This environment reminds them of intrauterine life, helping them to hold their breath in the water without being scared or having problems. What’s more, if your baby knows how to swim, your sense of peace will increase immeasurably knowing that your little one has this ability to survive.

The best time to give your little one swimming lessons is around the age of 4 months, to make sure that the change between environments does not feel extremely strong.

Swimming for children

In addition to the obvious advantage of learning to survive in the water, swimming contributes in various ways to the development of your child. Various studies have shown that swimming helps to create a safe space in which the little one can learn various useful things in life, such as increasing self-esteem and increasing safety in the water. By taking swimming lessons, your child will make friends that they would not normally meet and will be exposed to situations that take them out of their comfort zone.

By practicing this sport, they are able to control their breathing and manage stressful situations. Swimming also helps children with respiratory problems such as asthma.

An important thing to keep in mind before taking your child to swimming lessons is that they should wear appropriate children’s swimsuits. Proper equipment protects your little one from possible complications and problems during lessons and helps them move confidently and comfortably.

Choose a material that keeps their body temperature regardless of whether the lessons take place in an indoor pool or not so that your little one can fully enjoy the swimming lessons and the time in the water. You can choose swimsuits with UV protection too if your little one takes swimming lessons in open-space pools.

iELM offers a large range of swimwear for children, made out of qualitative materials and providing safety and comfort for your little one.

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