The first tentative steps towards school

Do you remember the first day of school? The emotions you felt and how quickly friendships were formed when it came to playing? Now that you have already become parents, try to think back in time so that you can support as much as possible your little ones in the new stage of their lives.

Going straight to facts: how do we prepare for school days? It’s simple! We select a super combination: a healthy snack for lunch and suitable clothing for children.

In the morning, before leaving for school, children have breakfast and afterwards they prepare their backpack with the help of their parents. Then, they choose their favorite clothes they will wear that day: clothes in which they should feel comfortable and at ease. Among their much-beloved garments there are the funny overalls and the duo loose pants worn with funny shirts or warm hoodies. If the  recreational activities at school involve also visits outdoors, the children will be also prepared with the softshell outdoor clothing. The vibrant colors on the clothing of the little ones will inspire them all day!

Hours spent in school require attention and energy from children, and therefore a little snack and then lunch are very important for them to get back their strength. Thus, the child’s package for school shouldn’t lack  a sliced ​​fruit (apple, pear, kiwi fruit, any favourite fruit) or foods like snacks (oat biscuits, bio muffin, 2 slices of healthy bread with banana or raisins, homemade snack bars). Then a rich lunch, rich in vitamins and nutrients to the body is then added. The food chosen must be both healthy and according to the child’s taste as this is one of the main meals of the day.

Still in the backpack for school we prepare also extra clothing for the little ones, if they want to change following activities involving physical effort, possibly even hats if the wind is blowing outside (thus preventing the risk of catching a cold). A washcloth and maybe even the favourite child’s toy are also welcome.

How do you prepare for school your little one? We’d love to hear your suggestions! We encourage you to become our source of inspiration!

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