The holidays, a perfect occasion to let kids be kids

What are holidays if not a chance to show care and attention to those in need, more than they receive during the rest of the year? Good deeds and charity, especially during the holidays, bring a sunray of happiness into everyone’s lives. As for people in need, they feel the goodness of this time of the year, with the help of others.

It is a well-known practice which fortunately has become more popular over the years, to donate and gift things that others might need or want, but have no means of purchasing them. Many charities and organizations manage events to help everyone they can, and it is all possible with the help of everyone involved. And oftentimes, these organizations help a specific cause or range of causes.

iELM believes in charity and showing goodness to those in need every time it can, but more so around the holiday season, when the spirit of community becomes stronger. As iELM is a brand focused on the well-being of children, the brand likes to show affection to these tiny people who are so important for the future.

Luckily, nowadays anyone can find organizations or charities to help the cause they relate to the most. Therefore, iELM has donated to “Salvati Copiii Romania”, because all children deserve to be happy and cared for.

What is Salvati Copiii?

“Salvati Copiii Romania” is a non-governmental organization which protects and promotes the rights of children all around Romania. It was founded in 1990 and is a full member of the “Save the Children”, the largest independent organization in the world which promotes the rights of children. “Save the Children” includes 30 members and works in over 120 countries. In Romania, “Salvati Copiii” has over 12 branches, in over 12 counties from Romania.

The organization runs projects which are meant to bring awareness to and to protect children’s rights in the day to day life, ranging from the right to education to the protection of children against violence, and many more.

iELM, a brand about and for children

iELM supports the well-being of children. Throughout 2021, iELM has donated clothes to “Salvati Copiii Romania” 2 times, to the branches from Arges, Dambovita and Prahova.

iELM has donated to the 3 branches mentioned above around 2000 pieces of clothing for children. The clothing ranged from softshell bodysuits to trousers and even hats so that children from needy environments can also enjoy the iELM products. The happiness that these items brought in the lives of the children, however, is priceless.

iELM loves caring for the little ones, whenever possible. This care is directed towards immediate situations and consists of clothing donations.

Help can come in a multitude of forms, from financial help, to simpler, kind gestures which can brighten up a child. One thing is sure: we do not forget the kindness that was shown to us as a child, not even many years later.

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