The newest iELM collection: MINI me

Family takes an important place in our lives. People that are close to us are the ones who motivate us to be the best version of ourselves, and children, in particular, give us hope and courage to face every day and to create a better future.

With that in mind, we created a collection for your whole family: MINI me. The idea behind this collection is also the one on which we base our lives, namely when we have the support of our family, we can do anything. These principles are also reflected in our children’s lives and give them the courage to become who they want to be.

We want you to feel this spirit of unity, which is why we offer you a collection of matching waterproof hoodies, perfect for family outings. The right hoodie can quickly become a staple in both children’s and adults’ wardrobes, and it’s all the more useful as it can be used in a variety of conditions.

Discover your inner child

It often happens that we, the parents, relive our childhood through our children. We are happy every time they are happy and we show them our favorite things, in the hope that they will also like them, starting from our favorite places in nature, to our childhood movies.

By wearing matching jackets with your child, you will have the opportunity to enjoy playing outside as much as they do and you will relive the beautiful moments of your past with your little one.

Quality first

Like all iELM products, we created these hoodies maintaining the quality that made us loved by an entire community of parents. Made of softshell, they are windproof and water repellent, making them ideal for spring and autumn, but easily adaptable to warmer or colder weather.

The “MINI me” collection comes in bold colors and easy-to-wear prints by both children and adults. With playful or minimalist prints, the models fit in the wardrobe of every parent and every child, radiating the joy, inspiration, and uniqueness of your personalities.

Comfortable and jovial, these jackets can be personalized so that both you and your child can wear matching messages, cute quotes, or maybe even your names. Personalization is done using reflective material, so going out in nature can easily turn into an evening walk, and you and your child will be safe and stand out.

Put your love on display

You are the first role model in your little one’s life, and his self-esteem and confidence will increase when he sees that he can be just like you. 

By wearing matching outfits, the child will feel that you support him and that the two of you have a special bond that no one could break.

Show your love for your loved ones, and the unity of the family will grow with each passing moment.

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