The sea is calling us to her, even in autumn

We said it before and we are proudly repeating it: iELM is extremely lucky to have its headquarters in a country full of so many wonders such as Romania. One of the many advantages of iELM location is that we are close to both the much-adored mountain and the much-beloved sea. Whenever we feel the need for relaxation and inspiration for the job we are conducting in our company, we can take a 2-3 hour short trip, driving on authentic roads, to destinations we are sure will charge us with positive energy and new ideas.

Southeastern Romania enchants us with 245 km of coastline along the Black Sea. It is a very diverse coastline, divided into three main sectors: to the north, the Danube Delta (UNESCO heritage since 1991), in the middle Razim-Sinoe complex (or Razim Lagoon, better known as a great lagoon and an aquatic ecosystem), and to the south, the coast of Dobrogea, which includes cliffs, beaches and coasts that succeed each other alternately up to the border with Bulgaria.

In summer, the Romanian seaside is beset by many tourists seeking both beauty and retreat in the quiet, and fun and good food. But with the arrival of September, the seaside remains empty, immersed in a peace difficult to describe in words. On the beach, only the gulls make their bed in the fine sand, among the many multicolored shells, washed ashore by the quiet waves of autumn.

For us, the sea is beautiful even when the sun hides in the clouds. The sea breeze and fresh air, the special smell of the salty sea, the majestic merging of sky and sea on the horizon, the ever-present blue completed with the golden hue of the sand and the white of the clouds and wave foam – there is nothing we can do, but to simply surrender all worries and thoughts to the sea ​​and mildly heal ourselves, reviving from inside, becoming the best version of ourselves, humbly bowing before such force of nature. We are alone, just us and us, and us and the sea. The unique vibration of the sea warms our entire spirit. We are home, we feel at home just us and us. Far from just following some rules or some job descriptions, each trade involves “by default” such time spent only with ourselves, a time when we put in order our ideas, when we recapture forgotten but wonderful ideas, a time in which we live just for ourselves and after which we apply the beauty in what we do. These values ​​are absolutely necessary to iELM, we feed and support them because iELM is entirely dedicated to people, be they customers or part of the team employees.

Our dear ones, escape as often as you can, especially in high spiritual charge places such as the ocean, the sea, extended lakes. Sleep there, inhale and exhale out there, just be there completely and your whole body will be grateful to you.

In exploring the coastline in autumn, family juniors can feel at ease, can learn more about the marine life, can build freely sand castles and molds, can collect various shells, can enjoy more their time with the sea. The gentle sun is no longer a danger, but just comforts us as we take in our portion of wealth from the wondrous sea.

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