The tasty pumpkin, our friend in autumn

Besides daily creating clothes for children, iELM team is constantly searching and experimenting with various facets of daily life. Today we suggest a small excursion into the culinary world with two recipes tested by us, very simple to make and good both for children and for adults.

Pumpkin is declared annually the season star for the category of very tasty and healthy vegetables. Pumpkin dishes are not only delicious, but also helps to balance the body by vitamin A, provitamin A beta-carotene, and vitamin C intake.

The benefits of this super-vegetables include: improved vision and quality of skin, stimulating weight loss (source of fiber), protection of the cardiac system by reducing LDL cholesterol, boosting the immune system, reduced muscle soreness after exercise and more rapid recovery, a better mood (the tryptophan antioxidant content of pumpkin is involved in the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness ).

Collected in iELM backstage and written down, we welcome you today with two simple, good, and nutritious recipes: cream of pumpkin soup and pumpkin baked with honey.

Cream of pumpkin soup, health, healthy food

30 minutes will take you to prepare this delicious cream pumpkin of soup. The ingredients you will need are: 800 gr pumpkin, salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 green pepper, 1 chili pepper, 1 celery, 2 white onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Clean and seed the pumpkin then cut it into cubes; boil it in salted water, adding a few drops of olive oil. Adjust the fire and allow to boil. Later, clean all other vegetables mentioned (celery, garlic, onion, green pepper) and add them in the boiling pumpkin pot. After a while, check if the vegetables are cooked; if so, take them out with a colander/mesh strainer and keep the pumpkin and celery, which will be pureed using either the mixer or the blender. Get a pumpkin puree, which you mix with the juice in which it boiled. Add olive oil, salt and pepper according to taste, and allow the soup one more boil over.

The pumpkin cream soup is ready! It can be served with fresh bread/buns, croutons, it may be decorated with spicy hot pepper flakes, or pumpkin seeds, based on preferences.

Baked pumpkin with honey, healthy food, healthy dessert

Baked pumpkin takes little time to prepare. Heat the oven well and cover a tray with baking paper. The pumpkin is cut into slices or cubes, the seeds being already scooped out, and it is then placed in the tray; Sprinkle some olive oil over it, a teaspoon of nutmeg and coarse salt. Allow to cook about 20 minutes. The baked pumpkin flavour will take by surprise every corner of the house! For the most healthy dessert, serve the baked pumpkin with honey, cinnamon, walnuts or cashews, as desired.

Enjoy your great pumpkinish meal!

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