We and Nature

Your first encounter with Nature. The first encounter of your children with Nature. Do you remember them? How would you describe them? What were your feelings in those moments? Which of Nature’s forms impressed you the most?

Nature surrounds us, embraces us with her warm arms, and pleasantly envelops us wherever we are. It gives us the chance to discover the very essence of life and the way to evolution. Nature energized us; generously, supports our lives and earthly experience with food, fresh air, water, habitat, forests, deserts, mountains, large plains, cereals, variety and diversity of flora and fauna. Nature takes care of us, people, who, in recent decades, began to decimate larger and larger pieces from this world, an integral part of Nature’s balance.

Among the first words mocked by babies it is also “ham”, “meow”, “grrr grrr”, “beee beee” onomatopoeia made in Nature by various animals. Human connection with Nature cannot be interrupted, Nature being a part of us since birth. When materials are selected for a new range of small clothes, iELM experts search especially for patterns inspired by Nature, patterns to strengthen this unique bond of the little ones with Nature, present from infancy.

As they grow, children will get even closer to the environment, will cherish animals, loving them, will water the plants, providing them with all their care and love, will love outdoor games, will be pleasantly surprised to see wild horses or small cows and ewes grazing on the plains, will want to bathe their small feet in the mountain streams water, and will want to stay in the clearing from the woods among colourful flowers, will hear the wind and will let themselves be comforted by the sea breeze. Because this  is natural and they are intuitive.

In childhood and not only, children will be acquainted and will be fascinated by so many aspects of Nature that we, at iELM, thought it would be fun for them to impress their favourite clothes using models derived from the natural universe, the animal kingdom, the vegetable land, or the marine microcosm.

Each junior has their own inclinations and preferences: many children are attracted by underwater and marine life, while others love the ferocious animals of the savannah or the forest. iELM wants that all children of this earth never stop dreaming beautifully, and be creative and imaginative, so that the range of prints with and about the forms of Nature is very wide.

Let’s encourage children never to break the magical union, the spell and love that exists between them and Nature, this being the way to a balanced future!

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