What you need to know when you go hiking for the first time with your child

As we all know, the time spent in nature is an important aspect of the harmonious growth and development of our little ones. Every moment spent outside is an opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and those around us, as well as the environment.

As outdoor temperatures rise, the weather becomes perfect for family hiking. Don’t forget to choose comfortable shoes and children’s clothes so your kid can move freely.

Why children should go hiking

During a hike, kids get to exercise not only their physical skills, but also their spirit of adventure, observation, and the ability to make decisions. They learn about plants, animals, natural phenomena, and how to love and appreciate nature. In time, they’ll no longer be afraid of insects, they’ll learn to handle unexpected situations and will become resilient and curious. At the same time, a long walk in nature means quality time spent with family and friends.

When is the right time for a first hike?

You’ve probably wondered when is the right time to go on your first hike with your little one. Well, the best time is when you feel ready. Regardless of the age of your child, with the preparation adapted to his needs, everything will be fine. Among us, there are mothers who have taken kids under the age of one on hikes. With young children, it’s essential to invest in a quality baby carrier, which is comfortable for both you and the little one. We also advise you to start small and choose easy routes.

Children’s clothes suitable for hiking

Children’s clothes are extremely important because they will influence the experience that your little one will have on his first hike. If he doesn’t feel comfortable throughout it, he may not want to repeat the experience.

Temperature changes can be an issue when hiking in the mountains. The key is to dress your child with several layers of clothing. Start with a short-sleeved T-shirt underneath and a second, warmer layer, preferably one that is also windproof and waterproof. We also recommend using long pants to protect your little one’s skin from scratches, splinters, or other irritations. Don’t forget to bring a hat to protect your little one from the sun.

Things you should have in your backpack

When preparing your backpack, don’t forget to take some essentials with you:

Water bottles
Delicious snacks to reward your little one in the moments when he loses his enthusiasm
Antibacterial/disinfectant wet wipes
Adhesive bandages
A pair of tweezers with which you can remove the splinters
Safety pins (in case any clothing item is torn during the hike)
Plastic bags for trash

How to make hiking more fun for the little one

The first hike is a challenge for both parents and children. The idea of a mountain trail can be overwhelming at first. Here are some ideas to make hiking more attractive:

Involve your child in planning. He will be much more eager to go if he had a role to play in making decisions and was assigned a few tasks, no matter how simple.

Avoid the generic name of “hiking”. This can make the little one think of something tiring, demanding, or boring. “Adventure” or “mission” sounds more appealing to a child.

Along the way, play “Treasure Hunt”. Make a list of items you need to find on the hike before you leave. Make sure to check the ones you found off your list.

Another way to make a hike more attractive is for each member of the group to take on the role of leader, including your little one. He will guide everyone else on the route, follow the markings carefully and make sure everyone has what they need.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and embark on an adventure in nature with your little one! With the right preparation, the experience of a family hike is a relaxing one, through which you recharge your batteries!

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