Which are the most suitable kids clothes during the cold weather?

With the arrival of the cold season, parents are asking themselves how to dress their kids in order for them not to get a cold but also to make them feel comfortable. Don’t let the play be interrupted by cold and dress your little one properly. Well, for this, you can choose kids clothes made of softshell fabric.

How warm should we dress our kids?

A general rule is to take into consideration the way you are dressed. The babies under 6 months should have an extra layer of kids clothes. For example, if you have a long sleeve blouse underneath the thick jacket, dress your little one the same but add a pullover. 

You should still see how the little one reacts to this. Some people feel the cold more than others and need thicker clothes, while others can have lighter clothing. If your little one is not able to tell you if he/she is cold or warm, check if they are sweaty at the back of their neck and try to remove a layer of clothes. If the area is cold, the little one is most probably cold.

You should also take into consideration the level of activity of your child. A baby who is not a toddler yet and spends a lot of time in the stroller should be dressed in thicker layers than a child that runs and climbs. Likewise, a carried baby is better protected from cold than a baby walking in a stroller.

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How many layers of kids clothes are necessary to ensure the thermal comfort of your little one?

When you dress him/her in kids clothes to go outside, 3 layers are recommended: a basic layer to absorb the sweat and maintain the body heat, an intermediate layer to provide for an additional thermal insulation and an outer insulating one, to protect him/her from bad weather (rain, wind, snow, frost) and. The first layer of kids clothes – the basic one

It is indicated that this first layer is made of natural fibres, with a high absorption rate of moisture, such as wool, silk or organic cotton. The basic clothes have to dry quickly and keep the body heat even when they are wet.

The second layer of kids clothes – the intermediate one

The role of the intermediate layer is to provide extra protection against cold but light enough not to bring discomfort. You can choose between polar, wool jackets and jersey overalls such as the iELM, perfect indoor play wear, as well.

The third layer of kids clothes – the outer one

It is recommended that the little one wears outer kids clothes made of an impermeable fabric that secures him/her against wind and water. One of the best options is the iELM softshell overall, a smooth and abrasion resistant fabric, padded with soft and warm fleece, that allows your kid’s skin to breath.

Such being the case, dressed in kids clothes suitable for the cold season, children can freely play outdoors. 


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