Winter clothes for kids and the car seat

The weather is getting cooler and we start taking our winter wardrobe out of the closets. Kids clothes for winter are great at keeping them warm while playing outside. However, if worn in a car seat, some of them may be a danger to the child.

The car seat is essential for the safety of the little one while in a car. No matter what type you choose, it’s important that you use it correctly in order for it to provide the maximum protection in the case of an accident. This means that it is installed correctly and the harness straps are tightened.

Make sure the harness strap fits snugly and lies in a relatively straight line without sagging and aren’t twisted. You must be able to get maximum two fingers between your child’s body and the harness.  If the space left is larger, the degree of protection offered by the seat is considerably reduced.

Most winter jackets leave gaps between the child’s body and seat belts. This increases the risk that, in case of an accident, the child will be thrown out of the chair. A simple test is to fasten the belts as tightly as you can over the winter coat, then take it out and see how much space is left between the belt and the child. 

Another way to test the tightening of the harness is to do the “Pinch-Test”. You pinch the strap at the child’s shoulders and if you grasp any material it’s too loose. Adjust the harness until your fingers slide right off the fabric.

Safe and warm

Even if you can’t use the usual winter clothes in the car seat, there are ways for your little one to travel safely and stay warm.


  • Use layers. Choose super-warm base layers, made of fabrics that retain the heat next to the skin (such as wool). Add a thin but insulating top layer. The iELM jumpsuit is thin in the hand, but it excellent in retaining heat.
  • Take off any bulky jackets. You must remove any type of thick clothing since the harness must be as close to your child’s body as possible. You can use the coat to cover the kid like a blanket, to keep him warm.
  • Use a blanket. Babies move less than toddlers in the car seat.  You can keep a blanket in the car, and use it to cover your little one after you have fastened the harness. As the car warms up, I’ll be able to remove it.
  • Heat the car before you get in it. Another option is to warm up the car before you leave. This is ideal if your kid is alone in the back seat and has no one to remove the covers when the car heats up.


Regardless of which of the above options you’ll choose, we wish you safe travels without any incidents!

Main Foto: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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